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Who would takeover our blog???

Posted on July 13, 2014 in the Catering, Cooking Classes, Desserts, inspiration, Local Happenings, Must Reads, Resources, Uncategorized category by Dennis Chan.

We have gone missing on our blog. For updates, look for us on Facebook and Instagram.

On Facebook. we have two pages.



National Watermelon Day at Blue Bamboo!

Posted on August 3, 2013 in the Local Happenings, Must Reads, National Holidays, Techniques, Updates category by Dennis Chan.

We’ll celebrate with our WAG salad, created especially for our 8th Anniversary tasting menu.  This salad has all the goodness of watermelon, asparagus, and grapes, dressed in our house-made soy-balsamic vinaigrette.  Stop by today and celebrate national watermelon day

Blue Bamboo wins city-wide best martini contest

Posted on February 25, 2013 in the Cooking Classes, inspiration, Local Happenings, Must Reads, Techniques category by Dennis Chan.

A few weeks ago, we were asked to participate in a martini contest.  The Junior League of Jacksonville sponspred this competition betweeen 6 local top restaurants and nightclubs.

In preparation for this competition, we tested many flavors and combinations to get what we thought might be the winning recipe.

In the end, we made a “Blood Orange Crush,” made with blood orange juice, tequila, blood orange liqueur, and topped with salt air.

The competition was stiff.  But when the votes were counted up,  we won!  Look in next month’s Jacksonville Magazine to see pictures and a story about our cocktail.



Blue Bamboo Sunday Brunch

Posted on January 21, 2013 in the Local Happenings, Must Reads, Updates category by Dennis Chan.

Looking for a new brunch place to try?  This Sunday, we will serve our first ever Sunday Brunch, offering a la carte service of traditional brunch favorites, including cornmeal blueberry pancakes, maple chicken and waffles, fluffy omlettes, and crispy bacon and egg skillets during a monthly special event which we call Pajama Brunch Sundays.
Pajama wearing by our guests is encouraged, but not mandatory.  Our servers do wear their pajamas at work on Sunday.  We make them come in early to take care of our guests, so why shouldn’t they be allowed to just roll out of bed to come to work? Otherwise, they would show up late, and you know what happens when you can’t take care of people when they are hungry…  GRRRRRR!

  • Served – 10am-2pm
  • Menu service, starting from $5.95
  • All are welcome
  • In order to provide proper service, we are not able to offer individual separate checks.
  • Often there is a long wait during peak times. Please call for us to set a table for you!
In August, 1998, May and Michele opened Coffee Cup Caffe’ on Southside Boulevard acoording MyDissertationWriting.  Over the years, “the cup” built a nice clientele who have relied on them for all of their weekend brunch cravings.

Although May and Michele have officially retired from the restaurant business, they have been begged out to partner with Chef Dennis to offer this once a month brunch event.

Please call if we can be of service.  904.646.1478

National Waffle Day! Come celebrate with Chicken and Waffles

Posted on August 24, 2012 in the inspiration, Local Happenings, Must Reads category by Dennis Chan.

Today, August 24, is National Waffle Day.

The day picked to celebrate this culinary favorite is on the anniversary date of the U.S. patent for the waffle iron, which was awarded in 1869.  The history of waffle making in the United States dates back to Thomas Jefferson bringing home a waffle iron from a trip to Europe in the 1700′s.

Here is how people are celebrating all around the USA:

At Blue Bamboo, we will mark the day by featuring our Peachy Southern Chicken and Waffles.  In this dish, we serve up a Belgian waffle, served with a boneless breast of panko-breaded chicken, topped with peach compound butter, peach compote, and cinnamon crisps.  With a Southern favorite like this, we just may want to celebrate waffle day every weekend!

Go! Magazine says Blue Bamboo is a top 10 must-do in Jacksonville this August

Posted on August 2, 2012 in the Local Happenings, Must Reads, Updates category by Dennis Chan.

What an Honor!  Go Magazine has listed us as one of the top 10 things to do in Jacksonville, Florida this month!  Here’s the link if you want to see the rest of Jacksonville must-do’s…

We are in good company, too.  A few of the others listed along with us are Jaguar games, The Soul Food Bistro, Butterfly hollow at the Jacksonville Zoo, and the Riverside Arts Market.

Blue Bamboo online reviews

Posted on July 10, 2012 in the inspiration, Local Happenings, Must Reads, Resources, Updates category by Dennis Chan.

Often, guests who visit us at Blue Bamboo write online reviews to share their experiences with others. I appreciate each and every visit our guests make to our restaurant, and every review that is out there. It is our pleasure that our guests include Blue Bamboo in the online community. Most of all, we appreciate the support during our first 7 years in business. There is a plethora of review sites out there, and the fact that our guests take the time to share the word about Blue Bamboo is heartwarming.

Those who are new to Blue Bamboo ask us about the kind of food that we serve. We call it hip Asian comfort food. When I worked up in New England with my mentor, Ming Tsai, at Blue Ginger, he taught me to learn how to cook food with cultural accuracy before making it my own.  I always keep that in mind with every dish that I create.  That’s what you will experience when you visit Blue Bamboo.  We’ve taken what we like about Asian dishes, and present you with our interpretations, which I hope you’ll agree are pretty darned good.  Some people call what we do “fusion.”  Call it what you want, but I just hope you’ll like our food.

There is local history in what my family and I do. My grandfather’s very own restaurant was right here in our neighborhood 40 years ago.  Even though the type of food that we serve is different from what grandpa served, some of his customers and their families are now our customers.  It’s a great feeling to have that history.  With all of our busy lives, often we settle for what’s convenient, and not what has meaning.  Only decades of service can build some of these relationships that I value so much today.

These days, I am thankful to be a part of the Jacksonville community again, taking part in local charity events and teaching food classes at the local culinary college.  The restaurant gives me the opportunity to do these things.

As we approach our anniversary, i am thankful for all out there who have included us in the online community during Blue Bamboo’s first 7 years, and every one of us at Blue Bamboo takes your reviews to heart. We constantly evaluate our internal operations and change when we need to.  That agility is one of the benefits of being a single unit, local, and family restaurant operation.

As much as I’d like to, I simply don’t get to personally say hello to everyone that comes through our doors.  I do try to speak with our guests and actively seek feedback when they are in the restaurant.  If you would like to contact me, I can always be reached at the restaurant- 904.646.1478.

Going forward into our next 7 years, I promise we’ll continue delivering fun, one-of-a-kind, casual experiences inspired by our travels and experiences worldwide to you at Blue Bamboo.  I look forward to meeting all of our new guests and strengthening relationships with our current guests.

Dennis Chan
Chef and proprietor

National Fried Chicken Day at Blue Bamboo

Posted on July 6, 2012 in the Local Happenings, Must Reads, Resources, Techniques, Updates category by Dennis Chan.

July 6 is National Fried Chicken Day.
For us at Blue Bamboo, there is nothing more comforting than a piece of juicy and crispy fried chicken.  This Southern specialty is found on the plates of both humble food trucks, shacks, and fine dining places alike, all over Jacksonville.  The oldest fried chicken place around here is Beach Road Chicken Dinners, which opened right here in our neighborhood in 1939. Here’s their website:
The trick to our crispy fried chicken at Blue Bamboo is our Japanese panko breading. We dip our chicken (breasts only) in Buttermilk before coating to keep the meat moist. An alternating dip between  wet and dry ingredients ensures that the breading doesn’t separate from the meat,  and seasoning each step in the process keeps it flavorful.  When frying, we won’t ever overcrowd the fryer, and we make sure that the oil is at just the right temperature.
We serve our fried chicken many ways.  Currently on our menu, we are offering general’s style fried chicken, sweet and sour fried chicken, fried chicken pot pie, and best of all, we make a peachy southern fried chicken and waffles.
So, happy Fried Chicken Day!  Come on by if you are in the neighborhood.  We’ll be happy to whip up some of our fried chicken specialties for you.

Lucky 7 Anniversary Celebration

Posted on July 5, 2012 in the Local Happenings, Must Reads, Updates, Wine dinners category by Dennis Chan.

It is our 7th anniversary, and we are celebrating with an evening of lucky 7′s.

This Wednesday, July 11th, will be our 7th Anniversary Grand Food and Wine Tasting.  We will serve 7 food courses, and as an added gift, we will pour 7 tastes of wines from our exquisite cellar, paired with those courses.  The experience will feature a few Blue Bamboo favorites from our 7-year past, along with some new favorites created especially for this evening.
We are planning to use our newest molecular techniques, alongside classical preparations.

Here’s an preview of what we are practicing to bring you the newest of techniques.  We are cooking a few eggs sous vide, then soaking them in some beet juice to get a beautiful marbling on the outside.

The eggs are cooked until they still have a liquid center, allowing them to ooze a little onto the plate.  We consider this a “rough draft” of one of the 7 courses we will be serving.

We have already filled our seats for this event, but watch for some of these techniques to appear in future menu items. We will be sure to post pictures soon.


Thank you for your support over the last 7 years.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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