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TV Dinner event with the Specktator!

Posted on June 5, 2014 in the Local Happenings, Updates, Wine dinners category by Dennis Chan.

On March 24th, we will partner with the Specktator for a special event.  We’ll re-create classic TV dinners Here are the details:

As a kid, who didn’t love TV dinners? Dining on mushy and/or flavorless food on a TV tray while watching your favorite show was pretty much a rite of passage (unless, you were the neighborhood kids whose parents wouldn’t let them watch TV).

Chef Dennis Chan remembers those days fondly and wanted to re-create the TV dinner experience but for an adult palate. The TV Dinner Dinner is a three-course meal featuring two of the most popular entreés, along with grown-up-kid-approved appetizer and dessert. (Kerry “The Specktator” Speckman was a big fan too, but she can cook about as well as Cindy Brady could say, “She sells seashells down by the seashore.”)

Mille Feuille-enrobed mini-link sausage with mustard dipping sauce
Entreé (Choose One)
Salisbury steak with forest mushroom demi-glace
Buttermilk fried chicken with country gravy
Entreés served with snap peas and baby carrots in ginger butter sauce
and duchess mashed potatoes flavored with Parmesan
Molten-center brownie bundt
Price includes soft drinks.
Beer, wine and retro-inspired cocktails are at an additional cost.


I look forward to seeing you!

Trinitas Wine Dinner

Posted on May 16, 2013 in the Wine dinners category by Dennis Chan.

We’ve long been a fan of wine from Trinitas Cellars in Napa. This evening, we had the pleasure of having Garrett Busch, Proprietor, join us for a dinner featuring his wines.



Valentines Day at Blue Bamboo

Posted on February 11, 2013 in the Desserts, Local Happenings, Updates, Wine dinners category by Dennis Chan.

Love is in the air at Blue Bamboo, so let us make your Valentine’s day romantic and easy this year.

Alongside our regular menu this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we will also offer a Lover’s pairing menu where we’ll feature 4 romantic-themed courses paired with 4 glasses of wine for $80. Menu specials this weekend will include Thai Basil Whole Snapper, Sous Vide Curry-Rubbed Filet, Vahlrona Chocolate Terrine, and Southern Strawberry Tarts.

Book your table today at, or call us at 904.646.1478.

Thanks to all who selected us as “Most Romantic Restaurant in Jacksonville,” on, and one of the top restaurants in Jacksonville on

We hope to see you soon!

Book now for your business or social holiday event at Blue Bamboo!

Posted on October 9, 2012 in the Catering, Desserts, Resources, Wine dinners category by Dennis Chan.

It’s already time to start booking for the holiday season.  This year, I can’t take credit for remembering.  A guest called yesterday and told me she wanted to book an event for her company’s holiday party in December.  I was completely caught off guard, but envious of her organization!

Every year at Blue Bamboo, we are excited to help bring our guests’ holiday event visions come to life.

Our holiday catering services at Blue Bamboo will delight even the most discerning guest.  Our dedication to serving only the finest, specially-sourced ingredients, combined with thoughtful service and attention to detail, provides for an infinite array of unforgettable events in-house, or any setting of your choosing.  We will have take-out catering available for those who want to bring something special to your host’s party.

Whether you are gathering friends for a festive holiday brunch, or gathering your colleagues for a relaxing holiday celebration over lunch, we are dedicated to providing good food, and welcoming hospitality.

Blue Bamboo’s private dining rooms are perfect for holiday parties and special events. From intimate holiday dinners with friends, to festive  luncheon celebrations and formal dinners, we will custom-create a menu and a setting that fits your event and style. Our culinary team uses fresh, seasonal foods and presents with a dramatic flair. Customized pre-fixe or tasting menus are available as well as wine pairings. Our private dining rooms seat up to 12, 45, and 100 guests, and can be decorated to your desires.  We will even assist you in party favor selections for your guests of all ages.

Please call if we can be of service.  We will be decorated for the holidays by the first week in December. 904.646.1478


Wine Dinner Today. 4 courses!!!

Posted on August 21, 2012 in the Local Happenings, Updates, Wine dinners category by Dennis Chan.

We did it again…  4 Courses, paired with 4 wines!!!

This Tuesday, we served up:

Grilled Sand Pear and Shrimp Salad with Omaka Springs Pinot Gris

Black-Pepper BBQ Ribeye and Sweet Potato Croqueta with Bodega Norton Malbec

Lamb T-Bone, Canton Sticky Rice, Creamed Spinach, and Caramel Glaze with Santa Ema Reserve Merlot

For Dessert, Basil pound cake, Bruleed Peach, and Almond Whipped Sweet Cream with Bodega Norton Cosecha Tardia


Please Join our mailing list if you’d like us to keep you informed about events such as this one.

7th Anniversary celebration

Posted on July 11, 2012 in the Updates, Wine dinners category by Dennis Chan.

This week, we celebrated our 7th anniversary with a multi-course wine and food pairing.  In case you missed it, Here are some snapshots of the dishes that we served.

One of our first courses was a Porcelain egg with liquid yolk.  We followed that course with a Southern-inspired dish.  Creamy potato-dusted grits with Chinese XO sauce.

This dish was called, “Watermelon bulgogi.”  In order to get the texture just right, we dehydrated watermelon slices, and seasoned them as if they were beef.   We grilled up the slices, then served them in a lettuce cup.   Next, we served a Curry potato dosa, or Indian crepe, with spicy mango chutney.


For dessert, we baked Lucky 7 caramel cupcakes and served them with house-spun apple pie ice cream.

Lucky 7 Anniversary Celebration

Posted on July 5, 2012 in the Local Happenings, Must Reads, Updates, Wine dinners category by Dennis Chan.

It is our 7th anniversary, and we are celebrating with an evening of lucky 7′s.

This Wednesday, July 11th, will be our 7th Anniversary Grand Food and Wine Tasting.  We will serve 7 food courses, and as an added gift, we will pour 7 tastes of wines from our exquisite cellar, paired with those courses.  The experience will feature a few Blue Bamboo favorites from our 7-year past, along with some new favorites created especially for this evening.
We are planning to use our newest molecular techniques, alongside classical preparations.

Here’s an preview of what we are practicing to bring you the newest of techniques.  We are cooking a few eggs sous vide, then soaking them in some beet juice to get a beautiful marbling on the outside.

The eggs are cooked until they still have a liquid center, allowing them to ooze a little onto the plate.  We consider this a “rough draft” of one of the 7 courses we will be serving.

We have already filled our seats for this event, but watch for some of these techniques to appear in future menu items. We will be sure to post pictures soon.


Thank you for your support over the last 7 years.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Great Chefs of Jacksonville Event, benefitting Second Harvest Food Bank.

Posted on April 5, 2012 in the Catering, inspiration, Local Happenings, Techniques, Updates, Wine dinners category by Dennis Chan.

This is the second year that we participated in the Great Chefs of Jacksonville event.  I, along with Mathew Medure, Tom Gray, and Scott Ostrander made up the City team.  We went up against a team of chefs from the beaches to create 4 courses, matched up against one other.

Here’s the link to the event information about the annual event:

Some behind-the scenes photos of how the event is executed.  We all lined up in the classic Brigade system and plated each dish.

There were 200 guests, so we had to perform as efficiently as possible.

Here’s Blue Bamboo’s finished offering :  Tomato Panna Cotta, with Southern Fried Green Tomato, Herbed Burrata salad, and Balsamic Pearls.



Wine Pairing Dinner at Blue Bamboo

Posted on January 25, 2012 in the Catering, Cooking Classes, Local Happenings, Updates, Wine dinners category by Dennis Chan.

Recently, we were asked by some of our favorite guests to do a special wine pairing dinner.

We created some unique dishes, all in our Blue Bamboo signature style.

We started with an earthy mushroom-veggie wonton stack.

The next course was a  leek risotto cake, with a sherry sauce .

The third course was lamb rack rubbed with coffee and cocoa, served with red potato hash.

To finish off the meal, we created a chocolate-bruleed-banana mousse torte, drizzled with a cherry glaze.


It’s not often enough that we get asked to do custom dinners like this, but we look forward to the chance to practice our craft, and create new items for our menu.

Welcome 2012! New Year’s Eve Celebration

Posted on December 28, 2011 in the Local Happenings, Updates, Wine dinners category by Dennis Chan.

This year, we served up New Year’s specials, our regular menu, and for those who wanted something a little extra-special, an exquisite 4-course tasting menu.

On our a la carte menu, we offered Lobster Cantonese and Whole Snapper with Black Bean Sauce in limited quantities alongside Blue Bamboo menu favorites.

We also shared our new molecular gastronomy skills this weekend! Our tasting menu featured a “Good Luck Hoppin’ John Cake,” Crispy Oysters, Sous Vide Chimmichurri Ribeye, and Pistachio Air Cake. Each course was paired with a wine selection from our extensive cellar.

Look for more exciting specials every time you visit Blue Bamboo for Hip Asian Comfort Food in 2012!

Impromptu dinner with French wines

Posted on September 29, 2011 in the Updates, Wine dinners category by Dennis Chan.

This past week, one of our wine distributors put us to a big test.  He said, “How about we put together a wine dinner for next Monday?”  Being one not to turn down a challenge, I jumped at the chance.  He invited both the French representative of the wineries and the US representative of those same wineries to be present at our festivities, and they accepted!

That day, we had the chance to entertain 18 new guests who had never been to Blue Bamboo.  Many of them had heard of us, and never made it in to check us out before.  It was a perfect opportunity for us to show off a little, and create some food that we normally don’t get to do.

We started the evening with an artichoke salad topped with some pink sea salt, served with a French muscadet.

Then we moved on to a tempura mushroom and chicken dish with a mango and papaya salad, washed down with a vouvray.

The third course was a lean veal loin chop with shanghai choy and cucumber salad on a piece of chicken “toast” all paired with a glass of cabernet franc rose.

To complete the evening, we served a tropical fruit and berry soup with a quenelle of coconut custard and a classic Chinese almond cookie. A grand cru Champagne seemed to be the right pairing for this course.

All in all, it was a fun evening for us and our guests.  We had the pleasure of meeting some new guests, and because they were such a fun group, we can’t wait to see them again. We also had the pleasure of sampling some incredible French wines and making some food that we simply forgot we had the skills to make.

We do these special dinners every so often.  If you’d like to hear about them in advance, please sign up for our mailing list.

Dinner with Rudi Schultz, South African Winemaker

Posted on September 23, 2011 in the Wine dinners category by Dennis Chan.

Recently, we had the honor of hosting thirty-eight guests in house to share an evening with Rudy Shultz, winemaker for Thelema, Sutherland, and his own label, Rudi Shultz.  His wines are great examples of South African winemaking, and we set out to pair them perfectly with some pre-selected dishes.

We first experimented with katsu shrimp and baby greens salad with a South African sauvignon blanc.

Next, we tried Peking roast duck, chile noodle salad fork, almond cous cous with a South African merlot.

Then we put together a cherry and coffee glazed pork shank with baby bok choy and lentil cake with a South African syrah

As our finale, we made Parmesan gougeres with poached “Englewood” Asian pears and peppered orange jus with a South African riesling.

Whenever we are given the task of pairing wines, we first look at the body of the wines that we are given.  Once we acomplish a proper food mate for  that, we look for characteristics in the wine itself to pull out of in the dish.  We then place those elements in a sauce, or somehow weave it onto the plate. What we then end up with is a dish in which the elements of 1 + 1 no longer equals 2, but 3, because of the heightened flavors and textures in the dish.

The feedback on our pairings was positive, which made for a fun evening for the guests and our kitchen staff’s egoes.

The coolest part of the evening is that Rudi got to meet everyone personally, and talk about all kinds of stuff, not just wine.  Afterall, it’s not every day that we get to ‘hang with a winemaker from the other side of the globe.

To stay informed of upcoming special events such as this one, please join our mailing list.  We’ll let you know when something else cool like this in on the radar.

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