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If you are visiting Jacksonville, you must eat here.

Posted on June 16, 2011 in the Local Happenings, Resources category by Dennis Chan.

Every city has at least one place you have to go eat at when visiting.  Jacksonville has a few places that are unique to our city, including Beach Road Chicken Dinners, Blue Boy Sandwich Shop, and Cap’s.  We are honored that travelers from all over the world consider Blue Bamboo one of those places too.

During our first 6 years in business, we’ve built some pretty great relationships with our local guests. When their families or friends come into town, often we’ll be chosen to help impress their visitors. Upon return visits to our city, we get to see these new “friends” again.

What makes Blue Bamboo a destination restaurant? Unique recipes and experiences make people tell others about us and want to return.  We do things a little differently, and because of that, travelers to Jacksonville often send their friends back to check us out.

On a recent trip to San Juan, multiple people told me I had to experience a restaurant called Kasalta.  I hopped in the cab, and told the senor that I wanted to go to Kasalta.  He smirked a little, and started driving.  He knew immediately where I wanted to go.
Pan Con Bistec at Kasalta

While I was enjoying my sandwich called Pan Con Bistec, I saw multiple taxis stop and drop off passengers, then wait for them to return with big boxes of food, obviously going to the airport to begin their journeys back homes all over the world.

Knowing that I had to experience more of the great food mecca that I was in, I also pigged out on some Flan, Guava Pastry, and Cafe con Leche.  I justified my intake by vowing to do a lot of walking that day.Flan and Guava Pastry

I left Kasalta feeling just how I want people to feel after they’ve dined at Blue Bamboo.  I want them to think, “I can’t wait to come back to this place.”

Earlier this week, a dear friend emailed me pictures of someone else who had lunch at Kasalta on Monday… El Presidente of the United States of America.  I am sure that his staffers and the local patrons chose Kasalta as the place that he had to visit when he was in Puerto Rico because of their unique recipes and unforgettable experiences.

This is just the kind of place that I love being.  My family has worked decades to offer the recipes and experiences that we offer.  We have built a good loyal local following, and we’ll do our part to keep being that place that people bring their out of town friends to show them just how good we have it here in Jacksonville.


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