Asian Taco Tuesdays

Have you tried our tasty tacos with an Asian twist? Join us for Hip Asian Taco Tuesdays!
8 Tacos to choose from, all with our Hip Asian twist. Choose from Kimchi Korean Beef Taco, Vietnamese Peanut Shrimp Taco, General’s Chicken Taco, Thai Satay Meatball Taco, Sichuan Beef Taco, Peanut-Lime Tofu Taco, our Famous Korean Shortrib Taco, and Japanese Chashu Pork Taco $4.50 for one or 3 for $12. For a limited time only.

Mark your calendar for our next Asian Taco Tuesday if you can make it. Better yet, call us at 904.646.1478 if you can make it. We will set a table for you.

Upcoming Taco Tuesdays


Coming Soon to our San Jose location