Chinese New Year at Blue Bamboo

About this event:

Celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dog with us at Blue Bamboo. Happy Chinese New Year!  恭喜發財!

Family-Style Entree Specials

Steamed Mahi with Ginger-Soy Splash 清蒸魚 26.98

For a year of Abundance

 Whole Lobster Cantonese 廣東龍蝦 58.88

For a year full of energy

 Peking Pork Chops 京都排骨 26.88

For Happy descendants this year

 Pan Fried Noodles with Chicken 雞炒麵 19.98

For Longevity this year

 Walnut Shrimp 奶油28.98

For Happiness this year

 Half Cantonese Fried Chicken Chicken 炸子雞18.98

For family Togetherness this year

 Sauteed Gailon Chinese Broccoli 炒芥蘭 12.88

For Healthy elders this year

 Sweet and Sour Whole Snapper 甜酸魚 38.98

For a Prosperous New Year


Join us for dinner February 15-17.  For reservations, call 904.646.1478.


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