Event Category: Cooking Classes

Restaurant-Worthy Ramen Cooking Class

Want to make great Ramen at home? In this class, we will learn techniques that will take your ramen to an new level.  We will shop at a local Asian market to pick up some ingredients, and we’ll return to Blue Bamboo to make resturant-style Ramen. Class starts at 10AM, and we will finish up … Continued

Restaurant Dumpling Workshop

Have you ever wanted to make dumplings like our favorite Chinese restaurant? In this class, you will learn to make dumplings from scratch.  We will start with the filling basics- then practice folding and cooking techniques. Click to reserve your spot for this class.

August 2021 Sushi Rolling Class

Have you ever wanted to roll your own sushi like the chefs behind your favorite sushi counter? In this class, you will learn to roll like a pro.  We will start with rice basics- selecting, cooking, seasoning, and cooling. Then we will teach you the foundations of rolling. We’ll throw in a few sides to … Continued