Event Category: Cooking Classes

Chinese New Year Cooking Class Year of the Rat!

Chinese people’s lives revolve around food.  If they’re not eating, they are talking about the next meal or talking about the last meal they’ve had. It makes sense that at Chinese New Year, one celebrates with food. Learn all about and make the foods that will bring good luck in the year of the Rat!

Ramen and Noodle Workshop

Ramen is all the rage these days. Want to make great Ramen at home? In this class, we will learn techniques that will take your ramen to an new level.  

Spring Dim Sum Techniques Cooking Class

Wanna try your luck at making dim sum? Join Chef Dennis Chan for a hands-on dim sum lesson at Blue Bamboo. We will learn what fillings and wrappers make a great dim sum, and explore buns and

Spring Asian Market Meetup and Cooking Class

Want to explore a local Asian Market?  We’ll caravan over to a nearby Asian Market, tour, and bring our bounty back to cook up lunch.  In our hands-on class, we will learn to make an appetizer, entree, and dessert with seasonal ingredients from the market.